Translation of documents into English, French, German, Italian, Russian and other languages for presenting them at Embassies.

Notarization and Translation of documents: Birth Certificates, Certificate of Marriage, Identification Documents, References, Bank Extracts and etc. - 16 GEL/document.

Notarized translation is one of the key services our translation company provides. According to common understanding the notarized translation implies the notarization of a translated document by a notary public. Notary public who does not duly understand foreign languages notarizes, in fact, the authenticity of the signature of the person who makes the translation. The translation is considered complete before visiting the notary public. Therefore, translation of any document, either legal or technical ones as well as those made from/to any languages (e.g. from English into Georgian, or from German into Ukrainian, and etc) may be treated as a notarized translation.

When is the notarized translation required?

Making notarized translation is necessary in many cases when a document is subject to a simplified (Apostil) or consular legalization for its further use both on the territory of Georgia and abroad. As a rule, most of translations the company specialists are working on are the notarized translations, meaning that finally they are to be notarized by the notary public. Among the documents which are subject to notarization may be the following ones: Civil Passports, different kind of Certificates, Certificates of Completion of academic institutions, treaties and contracts, Powers of Attorney, Certificates, as well as stamps, seals, and others. Practically, it is possible to provide notarized translation for any text, if needed.

Notarized translation is such a service which is to be provided by a reliable translation company with a reputation proven by the quality of the orders completed. Public notaries accept documents for notarization unconditionally only from established companies. It is natural, that none of the notaries public who respect their work and reputation will be willing to acknowledge documents which they are doubtful about being accurately translated. Our translation company, due to the translation quality it provides, successfully cooperates with many notaries public as the quality of our translations is not questionable. Therefore, we are able to provide notarized translation services to our clients professionally and within the shortest period.

Legal Translation includes translations related to the field of jurisprudence. Making legal translation is not a simple task as the jurisprudence is the field which is associated with country’s political, social, and cultural behavior. In order to present adequate information the translation of legal documents should be done with particular accuracy, expressed clearly and correctly.

Legal texts written in native languages acquire somewhat a second dialectic meaning that is caused by standardized matters and formulation accuracy. Legal translation due to its specific style and terminology is often considered as a special kind of technical translation. Our translation company performs professional translations of legal texts and materials from European and Eastern languages. Our company has all necessary resources and personnel in the first place, which is a necessary condition for performing legal translations of any difficulty. In order to perform legal translations we invite highly qualified translators and linguists who are quite well acquainted with the subject area of a legal text.

Enormous skills are necessary for performing translations of legal texts. Translator has to be familiar quite well with not only jurisprudence but also economics, history, and many other sciences. Professional translator does easily find suitable words and applies proper terminology in a professional way, while paying great attention to using the concept of similar words in native language; otherwise the standardized meaning of a legal text will be lost.